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Baby Jogger Stroller | Bob Jogging Strollers

There is no need to pay a babysitter to watch your kids while you're working out; children love being outside and spending time with their parents.

Not only will you be doing something great for your body, you will also be strengthening your bond as your kids get to go along for the ride.

For moms and dads who are thrilled about having a family but don't want to give up running (or want to start running), B.O.B. Strollers are made out of lightweight, durable materials.

This fact, alone, means you are not going to have to worry about lugging around a heavy, awkward piece of equipment when you decide to hit the trails with your child.

Ever since 1994 when a classic worn-out beach cruiser was given birth to into a sleek and stylish though functional bicycle trailer affectionately known as the YAK which inspired the creation of this particular flourishing business, BOB's commitment to high quality hasn't altered:"Commit to quality and the rest falls in to place. Don't rush to be the first, innovate to be the best."The company originally known as 'Beast of Burden'...Soon after though the name was shortened to the acronym of 'BOB' and still today BOB has always been and remains a leader and innovator when it comes to jogging strollers for lively types of active lifestyles.

In fact, back in 2005, BOB revolutionized strollers by introducing a swiveling front wheel. Awkward turning would no longer be an issue for moms and dads. In fact, so much so, that the new stroller was dubbed the BOB Revolution.

Turning around in a crowd or in a tight aisle was pure simplicity, yet the front wheel could actually be locked in a forward position to accommodate outdoor or uneven terrains.

So, for moms and dads who are thrilled about having a family but don't want to give up running (or want to start running), B.O.B. Strollers are made out of lightweight, durable materials. This fact, alone, means you are not going to have to worry about lugging around a heavy, awkward piece of equipment when you decide to hit the trails with your child.

Today however... with so many choices...How does one choose the best baby jogging stroller???

Where to begin is not by looking over the all the great images, features, and benefits of all the different makes and models... even those from BOB jogging strollers...nope...the first thing you've got to ask yourself and resolve is this... 

Where Do YOU Stroll ????

Yes... seriously. This is a vital question to be brutally honest with yourself. This is where so many well intending parents wind up with a slight (or even epic) mismatch!

You must determine what environment and how you are going to be using your stroller. No one stroller can possibly manufactured to be the best solution for all the terrains, environments, and uses that are possible. This is why it is vitally important that you understand some of the basic characteristics of any given jogging baby stroller (including BOB Jogging Strollers) and what they are designed to function best within.

The good news is the when it comes to an active baby strolling kinda lifestyle, BOB has you covered... so let's take a quick look.

Off Road:

Should the road less traveled be your calling, tires, wheels and suspension are key components to take into account in an all terrain or jogger baby stroller.

Bob Sport Utility Stroller

Using the most current innovative functionality, the BOB Sport Utility Stroller is ideal for those off roading strolls and adventures.

Knobby traction tires and impact resistant wheels further increase the stroller's traction. A stationary front wheel delivers higher stability trekking, jogging or at any time the path gets a bit rowdy.

You'll find it sturdy, yet light in weight, the easy to fold frame makes it much simpler to bring along the BOB Sport Utility Stroller no matter where your adventures may take you.

You can be confident that your little one is enjoying a smooth cruise with an innovative suspension platform, extra padding in the comfy reclining seat along with an adjustable 5-point padded harnessing. An Accessory Adapter functionality easily and securely attaches a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or the Snacks Tray.


Need some variety and flexibility with your strolls? This versatile design will take you from the pavement to the pathways and everything in between.

Bob Revolution SE

Using the latest innovative features, the Revolution SE is ideal for any sporty outdoor jaunt.

Whether you're trekking across the pathways of a park or along the beach, you can cruise through any crowds or congestion and handle those tighter turns using the revolutionary swivel front wheel... or simply lock it in position for much greater stability if you happen to break out into a jog... or just when the terrain turns a bit gnarly.

The simple folding, lightweight design means the BOB Revolution is able to stow and go... or roll to wherever the day takes you. The state of the art suspension guarantees your toddler will cruise along in comfort throughout the outing.

Just in case your child is not quite ready for that spacious, comfortable seat that the Bob Revolution offers, there is an accessory adapter function that will conveniently secure a BOB Infant Vehicle Chair Adapter or even a handy snack tray as he/she's older.

Runners & Joggers: No matter if your workout means running or training for a race, or just brisk jogging for your full body workout, you'll need a baby jogging stroller that is serious about keeping pace with you.


The Bob Ironman is fashioned for the complete runner at heart. So it makes no difference if you happen to be a training on a track, typical jogger or anywhere in between, the Ironman is made to go as rapidly and far as your running routine motivates you.

The front wheel is permanently fixed and along with the 16-inch low profile tires, you'll cruise comfortably on hard surfaces regardless of whether you happen to be jogging leisurely or even at those higher paced speeds.

With a high tech suspension platform, super padded reclining seat and adjustable 5-point padded harnessing... well... as for baby... it really is a gentle ride.

With the Ironman being lightweight, simple, and easy folding functions, this stroller will pack up in short order so you'll never be tardy for your race day. 

Fitness & Cross-Training: 

We all know that variety in any workout routine keeps the body and the motivation for keeping your workout fresh.

Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

All set to have your little one alongside as a part of your normal exercise routine?

You can with your BOB stroller along with the Stroller Strides Fitness Program.

This particular baby stroller is outfitted with a Stroller Strides Fitness Kit for moms and dads who really want to get truly serious about getting in shape or getting their shape back.

The training kit includes a Handlebar Console, the Stroller Strides manual along with exercise tubing making the Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller your ideal workout partner.

This BOB baby stroller is ready to get physical with its high tech suspension equipment, easy folding, light in weight design and style and innovative front wheel which either swivels or can be locked in position for those times when you want to power up the tempo.

City Life: 

City strolling means more hustle and certainly more bustle and crowds so maneuverability is the key.

Bob Revolution CE Sporting the most up-to-date modern functions, the BOB Revolution CE is suited perfectly for any around town environment.

No need to sweat the small stuff... or small places for that matter because you can maneuver stress free through those tighter spaces and crowded places because the BOB Revolution CE also comes equipped with the revolutionary front wheel that swivels in a crowd or locks it in place for better stability and easier pushing at quicker speeds.

A suspension design that is cutting edge, the soft and comfy reclining seat and adjustable 5-point padded harnessing is right there with you to keep your baby comfortable and cozy as you take care of your daily business and errands.

Is A Bob Jogging Stroller the Right One for You?

Finding the right jogging stroller can be difficult, especially since you probably already have an everyday stroller and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one.

But it is important for a new mom to be able to get back to her workout regimen fairly quickly in order to lose the baby weight and to just generally feel better. The BOB Jogging Stroller is a very high-quality, light weight double stroller that is great for all terrains.

What Does The Jogging Stroller Have?

The first thing that you will notice about the Bob Jogging Stroller is that it has the look of a mountain bike – it’s sturdy but fashionable, and it looks like it’s built to last. It is still easy to fold up, with a simple two-step process, and is lightweight enough for you to pick up in one hand.

It has a fixed front wheel (as all the good jogging strollers do), which is ideal for longer walks or runs.

Having a fixed wheel means that you won’t be constantly fiddling with the direction of the stroller. It will keep going straight as long as you just give it a little push.

“This is easy to run with and I found that it is also great in snow. Good purchase.”- Adele, NY

Rough Terrain?

Not everyone lives in the city, so if you find yourself needing or wanting to jog or walk on snow, sand, or even on rough, forest terrain, the large alloy wheels on the Bob Jogging Stroller will help you to keep going at a good pace. This is one of the benefits of having such a large, fixed front wheel – you can pretty much go through any terrain easily and your child won’t feel the bumps.

This has an adjustable suspension system that gives a very smooth ride, so if you are jogging on rougher terrain, just make an adjustment and the ride will be easier. 

“This is a great jogging stroller – the best I’ve ever used. Easy to steer and really comfortable for my kid, too.”- Billie, WA 

What Does It Come With?

If there is one drawback to the Bob Jogging Stroller, it is that it does not come with a wide variety of accessories, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t available. You can buy a separate water bottle holder and tray for your stuff, as well as a tray for your child’s toys or whatever they might need on longer walks.

You can also buy an infant car seat adapter and a weather shield for when you are traveling in rain, snow, or excess sun. The stroller itself comes in both blue and black.

Is This a Good Buy?

If you go to try to buy the Bob Jogging Stroller at your local baby store, you will find that it can be a little

pricey, but by buying it online, you can save a fair amount of money. Because this is such a sturdy and well-built stroller, it is one that will easily last you through several children, and it actually has a high resale value.

If you are serious about your own fitness and you want a stroller that will not only keep your child safe, but will also allow you the ability to run or walk at your normal pace without compromising safety, then the Bob Jogging Stroller would be the stroller for you.

It looks sturdy and fun, it is safe and secure for your child, and it has all the features you will need in order to get the most out of your exercise. Learn more about the BOB product line....

Baby Jogger Stroller | BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Taking care of kids is hard work, but you do not have to feel as though you're trapped inside the house with them.

Whether you have a newborn baby or a toddler, the right stroller can make a big difference in your freedom.

B.O.B. has strollers that can make the life of any parent a little easier when it comes to exploring the world away from home.

So, if you're an active parent then the BOB Sport Utility Stroller beckons you.

The days of having nothing but flimsy strollers and cumbersome baby-buggies are over. B.O.B. has a style to fit all of your (and your child's) traveling needs.

Not only are these strollers comfortable for youngsters to ride in, they also make taking a stroll with family members, who can't walk yet, much more convenient for you.

Although strictly speaking a jogging stroller, the analogy would that of a mountain bike to a road bike...

Both are bikes but it's the suspension and the tires that are the blessing for the go anywhere parents.

BOB continues to grow into considered one of just a few top-notch jogging stroller brand names that provides health and fitness minded moms and dads a running baby stroller with exceptional overall performance, high quality components and impressive accessories.

Manufactured of lightweight, tough and effortlessly folded away aircraft aluminum frames atop rugged running wheels.

Certainly the company and the technical stuff sounds impressive enough... so let's have a bit of a closer look at just what all the buzz is about over the BOB Utility Stroller and what the folks say about it... Or... in case you're just getting started with the whole baby jogging stroller thing... 

Getting Started With A Jogger Stroller

So you happen to be growing motivated as well as geared up for physical exercise following the birth of your child and you are eager to get out of the house and get the ol' body moving once again! But... who's going to keep an eye on your little one while you’re out toning, tightening, firming and getting your body back?

If perhaps running or walking is your preferred out of doors get back in shape activity, you can go ahead and take the little one along in a jogging stroller. You'll get the workout that you need (and crave), and baby gets a pleasant scenic excursion around the neighborhood on your route... with some fresh air as an added bonus.

Jogging strollers have increased in appeal within the last few years, inspiring jogger baby stroller manufacturers to generate even more versions. This gives us consumers an incredible assortment to select from, but in reality, choosing which stroller to invest in can be a challenging undertaking. 

What To Look For In Jogger Strollers

Let's start off with a look at wheels; and first up is what about those sizes... and let's be completely honest here... yes when it comes the wheels of your baby jogger stroller, size does matter! But it also makes a difference on just what you're going to use that size for.

What you need to know is that the general rule of thumb is the bigger wheels are more suited for running or maneuvering your stroller over uneven or rough terrain. True jogging strollers are three the wheelers with larger wheels. But just how big? Well... the larger the wheel the less rolling resistance over the terrain; while small wheels offer easier steering and more maneuverability. 

Keep in mind that wheel size does nothing to equate to stability... while some may think the larger wheels have a bigger cool factor... others think the smaller size is more classy and cute. The size that will work best for you largely depends on how you'll be most using your baby stroller.

Here's an at a glance wheel size guide:

To Swivel That Front Wheel Or Not...With jogging strollers (including the BOB Sport Utility Stroller) the front wheel is fixed. A fixed front wheel is best for jogging because this provides the greatest tracking stability. The swivel wheel provides the most maneuverability for those crowded or tight places such as those trips to the mall... but since we're talking jogging and utility baby joggers here, for the majority, the fixed front wheel would be the best choice... the key to getting this part right is really understanding how you are going to be using your stroller... so let's have a look.

If you're especially going to be jogging or walking over any type of a softer surface such as sand or even the occasionally snowy path where your wheels may sink just a bit, then you'll want to stay away from the swivel wheel.

Right now as is the case with the BOB Sport Utility Stroller, the 16-inch front wheel is locked or fixed and this is currently the only option for 16-inch wheels as we speak.

You can find smaller hybrid types of wheels that can be either locked in place or unlocked and allowed to swivel. But keep in mind that even a hybrid front wheel that is 'locked' is still probably not advisable for someone who jogs frequently or longer or one who engages in off road or rougher terrain.

Alloy Or Steel Wheels...The short simple answer for this is simply weight and rust.

Aluminum Alloy wheels are what you'll come across on most strollers today. Although a bit more expensive for manufacturers than steel, alloy wheels won't rust. So, if you live in a climate that gets snow and as a result the streets and sidewalks get salted, you'll be better off with the alloy wheels. Or, if you live in a coastal area where the air is heavier with sea salt... again... alloy wheels would be the call.

In a nutshell... go with the Aluminum Allow wheels... and they are lighter too. At A Glance...These days the sport utility or all terrain jogging strollers have become an essential piece of an active parent's baby gear. If you reside in a region where the weather conditions may very well get just a little difficult, an all-terrain baby stroller is definitely a blessing.

It can plow through those muddy spots, icy spots and other things that Mother Nature might throw out at you. Additionally it is great for strolling on dirt roads and trekking trails. In addition, all-terrain baby strollers have a tendency to incorporate more convenience options when compared to a true jogging stroller. 

Our Thoughts and Details...

All in all, for the active parents, sport utility jogger strollers offer a good mix of on and off road terrain as well as being a solid performer for those who jog even on a regular basis and somewhat longer distance. Again, the type of jogger stroller that best works for you really depends on the environment you expect to use it in and expect the jogger stroller to perform well in.

If you're an active parent considering baby jogging strollers and think the sport utility type might just work for you; then you'll want to check out the details of our review of the BOB Sport Utility Stroller. 

So Many Choices... Which is ultimately best...?

Picking the right baby jogging stroller for you is a matter of first understanding just what the stroller is manufactured to do and then matching it to your lifestyle, what functionality is most important to you, and the predominant environment you'll be pushing the stroller around in. This is why it's important to answer these questions first and then move on to researching which manufacturer you think produces the best stroller option for you.

For the active parents that find themselves out and encountering various types of terrains and road conditions the sport utility type of stroller is a great solution. Of course, just by definition, the sport utility jogging stroller is designed to offer the best type of performance that handles the outdoor activities of active life-styles.

For example, this class of stroller is not optimally designed for a tight turning environment such as shopping at the local malls because the front wheels are fixed which offer ultimate glide and control across varying terrains at a quicker pace such as jogging.

But since you've gotten this far, let's assume that "Yes" I'm definitely the active type and enjoy my jogging routes, so let's hop on over and take a look at the details on the BOB Sport Utility Stroller or...Where To Buy...Right now you can purchase the BOB Sport Utility Stroller from Amazon. Many times they will have free shipping offers available for eligible items. And certainly with an item of this size you'll want to check on saving yourself even more money by taking advantage of this when available.

Although price comparison-shopping can and does vary from day to day, we find the prices that Amazon offers are most attractive if not the best deal available.


All BOB strollers have a 5-year warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on the smaller parts as well as the fabric. 

Baby Jogger Stroller | Schwinn Jogging Stroller

As a family owned business for over 100 years and a name synonymous with bicycles, Schwinn is also a trusted brand when it comes to stroller products

Schwinn strollers offer some of the best quality combined with a full range of price points in their stroller line and their product's quality and performance have long been a leader in the cycling marketplace.

Schwinn quality is a great asset for the parent(s) on the go who love to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while spending some quality time and bonding with their little one. The Schwinn strollers come in a variety of light weight, easy to handle, and durable models and types that are sure to fit your needs, and this makes this jogging stroller one of the favorites among parents.

Schwinn jogging stroller also come equipped with many standard features that parents have grown to need and expect out of their jogging stroller but are only found on the much higher price point jogging strollers.

Like any decision point when it comes to investing in a jogging stroller that work best for you, you must ask yourself and honestly asses what type of environment are you going to predominantly using your new stroller.

As mentioned throughout our website, the biggest source of frustration or even dissatisfaction with their chosen jogging stroller usually stems from parents that most often actually jog with their baby jogging stroller as its intended purpose and those parents that do occasionally jog but really want maneuverability as their tip top priority.

With Schwinn and the other jogging strollers we look at, you do have the option of both... the key... a fixed front wheel or a swivel front wheel.

If you're more the passionate jogger, or even like to take your strolls off the beaten path, then you'll most likely be the happiest with a fixed front wheel that will deliver the stability and the command you want when jogging or on rougher terrains or both!

Jogging stroller that offer a swivel front wheel or even one that can be both (locked in place) still offer us parents the ability to jog... but by nature... the swivel wheel is more at home in the urban environment where tighter more effortless turns are at a premium.

So, that being said, it is truly a matter of preference as to the type of performance you'll be most happy with and from what we've seen, the Schwinn jogging strollers that feature the functional swivel and locking front wheel seem to be a great compromise between the straight line control need for jogging and the maneuverability for running those urban errands! 

So... Why Might You Make the Schwinn Jogging Stroller Your Next Baby Buy?

Most of us have owned a Schwinn bike at one time or other and it is somewhat reassuring to know that this same brand makes a Schwinn Jogging Stroller that you can rely on.

This is a heavy-duty jogging stroller will be comfortable for both parent and baby on long runs, on almost any kind of surface.

What Makes the Schwinn Jogging Stroller So Special?

The first thing for the avid jogger or outdoor active parent is that Schwinn offers strollers with 3 16” wheels.

These are much larger than other similar strollers are, and the larger wheels simply make it easier to push. With the front wheel fixed, it means you can simply touch the stroller, and it will continue to go in the same direction.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, and the entire stroller weighs only 27 pounds, so this is the ideal stroller for people who really want to get out there and get some exercise.

What Else Does It Have?

One of the unique features of this stroller is that it has a molded parent tray, which not only will hold your snacks, keys, and phone, but it also has a place for a drink, too. Not all jogging strollers come with this convenience, and it is nice to know that you don’t need to buy an added accessory tray when you buy this.

This also has a hand brake so you can stop quickly and safely as well as an adjustable handle that you can set so that it is at exactly the right height for your running or walking style whether it is mom or dad that may be the one doing the driving.

“I love the fact that the handle raises and lowers and it has a rain protector that unzips from the canopy.”- J. Evans,

Did We Mention Comfort for Baby?

Your child’s comfort is obviously highly important, and the Schwinn Jogging Stroller has a five-point safety harness that will keep your child safe and comfortable in the padded, reclining seat. The stroller also has rear suspension and a vented cabin so that your child will ride smoothly on any terrain in any kind of weather. There is even a rear parking brake for added safety.

“It’s great that the seat cover is removable for cleaning. Enjoy those runs!”- Gaylin,

The Bottom Line Is... Is This the Right Kind of Jogger for You?

We think it has a very good chance to be.

When you are buying a stroller that is also a jogger, there are some considerations that you wouldn’t have with a normal stroller, such as whether the stroller will continue in a straight line, if it will be easy to push with little effort, and if it will continue to roll when you aren’t touching it. This does all of those, and it also has the added hand brake, which makes it a lot safer for when you are jogging.

This also has a removable seat cover so you can keep the baby seat clean and sanitary at all times, in addition to a large amount of under seat storage for you and your baby stuff.

Where Should You Buy Your Choice In A Schwinn Jogging Stroller?

If you are looking for a Schwinn Jogging Stroller in particular, you might think that a bike shop would be a good place to get it.

Although you can certainly find some of these in bike shops, you will end up paying top dollar for them. If you are looking for the best possible price and you also want to be able to choose between the color schemes, you should go online where you will also find that you can buy it for as much as 34 percent off the original retail price. That is a great deal and one that will provide you with miles worth of fun. There is plenty of competition online for your business for any type of product that you're looking at and that's a good thing for us consumers.

Most parents find out early that buying baby products in their local baby store is simply not cost-effective. The prices are high, and especially when you are buying a big-ticket item like a stroller, you want to make sure that you get the best price possible.

A great place to buy the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller is on, where you will not only get a discount, but you will also be eligible for free returns if you find out that it’s not to your liking.

Plus... all in all Amazon does a very good job at keeping their fingers on the pulse of the pricing around the marketplace and we find they most often offer the most competitive and consistent pricing.

Depending upon the product and the details you can many times take advantage of free shipping that Amazon offers along with picking up any other matching accessories that you may need along the way.

Plus, along with all the details and descriptions of the product they offer a good forum for actual users to rate the stroller.