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AR Blue Clean AR383 Review

There are so many pressure washer that you can find on the market. You need to choose carefully to get good quality product with low price. If you are not careful you may end up buying bad quality products. Some of the products are very disappointing therefore it would be best if you browse and read some of the reviews about pressure washer. Therefore you know which product is good quality and which products will give you bad quality. One the product that you can consider to buy is AR Blue Clean AR383.
AR Blue Clean AR383 Features

Let’s see the main features of AR Blue Clean AR383:

Max PSI: 1,900

Max GPM: 1.5

Horse Power: 1.5

Amps: 14

Universal Motor: 120V 60Hz

Extra features of AR Blue Clean AR383:

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AR Blue Clean AR383 Description

There are some features that you can buy at this product such as 1900 PSI, 1.5 GPM, Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 Axial piston pump, it also has total stop system where power to the washer is controlled by the gun, the hose reel with hand crank therefore the hose will not be on your way, you get 20 foot hose and also 30 foot power cord. This product will give you cold water pressure and its constructed using cooper, aluminum and also plastic.

When you order this product you will also get accessories kit such as gun, adjustable jet nozzle, and high pressure hose and also lance with foam dispenser. Some of the reviews mention how this product is light and very easy to use around home. This product come with automatic safety valve with pressure shut off, it is your best choice for pressure washer.

Advantages of AR Blue Clean AR383

For you who are looking for pressure washer, AR Blue Clean AR383 is your choice. The light weight makes anyone can use it easily. It has long hose which make you easier when you are using it to clean your car. You don’t have to drag it around to clean your car; juts set it in one place and the length of the hose will enough to reach all around your car. You can use this product easily to clean your driveways, grills, your mowers and many more. You can find many good reviews about this product.

People who have been using this product are mostly satisfied with how AR383 works. Its 1900 psi is quite a high pressure that you can get from non commercial products. This pressure washer comes with two wands, one is the rotating tip and the other one has the tip that can be adjustable for different angle of spray that you want to have. It would make you easier to clean many items around your home.AR Blue Clean AR383 is the best product that you should consider to buy. There are so many kinds of products of pressure washer but you need to choose carefully which pressure washer that can work well with you. AR Blue Clean AR383 have so far giving its users beautiful works. Many of the users are satisfied with the work of this product, the long chord making it easy to use anywhere even in the area that is hard to reach.

Disadvantages of AR Blue Clean AR383However you may find some weakness of this product such as the high pressure hose and the spray gun are connected with stiff plastic that can tangles easily. The plastic hose adapter is sometimes leaks water that will make it hard to use. Overall this product gives you satisfying result when you are cleaning around your home.

What Customer Had to Say About AR Blue Clean AR383

Having a light colored pool deck I purchased the AR Blue Clean pressure washer. It does a good job for a cleaning or washing dog paw prints off the deck. The pressure is adequate for what I use it for. I prefer this electric pressure cleaner as it’s only used for an occasional use. Gasoline cleaners can produce more pressure but when left unused for awhile create a problem with starting. The price was right as I usually don’t buy the least or most expensive item. (Dazeoff)Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here

You don’t have to worry anymore when you are going to clean your cars, pathways, removing loose pain t or any dirt around your home. This electric pressure washer is your best choice. And since it’s electric you don’t have to worry about needing gas. This AR Blue Clean AR383 is one of the best electric power washer reviews that you should try at your home. You can easily buy it in your hardware store or online store. Pressure washer is a must have product that you need around your home. It would make you easier to clean any dirt in your home with it. AR Blue Clean AR383 light weight makes it easy to use for anyone, even woman can use this product easily around home.

Where to Buy AR Blue Clean AR383AR Blue Clean AR383 is sold by Amazon with discount up to 15% OFF

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